We have grouped all Nordqvist teas into categories to help you find your favourite tea quickly and easily.

There are five categories: Health & Well-being teas, Adventurous teas, Classic teas, Fairtrade teas and Fine quality teas. All Nordqvist teas give you a unique taste experience, so you may find favourites from more than one category. 


The Health & Well-being teas category includes teas which we believe to be good you. Tea moments should always be relaxing, revitalising and refreshing, but the effects of the teas in this category have even been proved in studies.

Teas in the Adventurous teas category are perfect when you need something special or want to give a friend a pleasant surprise. We are always the first to try out new exotic tea blends and provide tea lovers with new experiences to enjoy and talk about. Our Fantasia selection pack, for example, includes sugary, teddy-shaped surprises. Our Rooibos range is full of flavours that seem to come from the other side of the world - maybe because they do! Rooibos tea is harvested from rooibos bushes which grow in South Africa. Our loose-leaf rooibos blends include imaginatively named products, such as Giraffe and Croc Rooibos.

The teas in the Classic teas category are ideal for people who enjoy the aroma and flavour of good tea because it brings back warm and happy memories: a picnic on a fine summer day with close friends and family or curling up on a sofa with a hot cup of tea on a chilly winter evening. The category consists of fine teas, some made using processing methods that are hundreds of years old, sprinkled with memories.

The Fairtrade teas category is the home of Fair & Organic, our Fairtrade certified tea.

The Fine quality teas category is for people who are particular about their tea and want to enjoy unique, high-quality aromas and flavours.
Every tea moment is unique. The uniqueness is best complemented with an appropriately selected tea. By choosing the right tea for the right moment, you can honour your guests, bring back memories, create the right mood or just relax after a busy day.
Nordqvist is a Finnish tea company which has provided memorable tea moments for nearly three decades. For years, our flavoured teas have brought tea lovers tastes from faraway countries and presented them with new and refreshing flavours.

The number of Nordqvist tea enthusiasts has grown steadily over the years. More and more people also find their way into the fascinating world of tea. This is hardly surprising, as tea is an old beverage, known for centuries. Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to tell you something about tea and help you to choose the right tea for you.

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